Dental Services You May Want to Consider
May 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Does your tooth hurt or are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Thanks to an impressive array of dental services, it's easier that dental proceduresever to treat decayed teeth and improve your appearance. Our Alexandria, VA, dentist, Dr. Moutaz Abdeen of Alexandria Smiles Dentistry, discusses a few dental services you may want to consider.

Fillings and root canals

Fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. Silver amalgam fillings are a popular option because they're very durable. If you don't want your fillings to be noticeable, you may want to consider tooth-colored composite resin fillings.

Tooth pain isn't only caused by cavities, but can also occur due to inflammation or infection of the tooth pulp. Root canals treat inflammation or infection by removing the pulp and filling the space with a flexible rubber-based material.


Sealants help protect your child's newly emerged molars and pre-molars from cavities, but also offer benefits for adults. Sealants fill in small pits in these teeth, making it impossible for plaque and bacteria to cause cavities. Sealants typically last about 10 years.


Invisalign straightens teeth using clear, removable aligner trays. After two weeks, you'll begin wearing a new set of aligners. The trays exert constant, gentle pressure on teeth, which gradually changes their position. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional braces if you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you choose Invisalign, you'll visit our Alexandria office about every six weeks for follow-up visits.


Crowns restore and strengthen teeth and also hide flaws that can affect their appearance. The hollow restorations are made of strong materials, such as porcelain, resin, gold or metal alloys, and are designed to slip over your teeth. Crowns are a good choice to restore broken or cracked teeth or lengthen short teeth. They're also used to hide imperfections, such as oddly shaped or discolored teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants, the newest tooth replacement option, can last your whole life, as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Implants occupy the space vacated by the roots of a missing tooth and bond to the bone in the socket. Crowns connected to the top of the implants serve as replacement teeth. Implants are very comfortable and look completely natural.

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