How Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile
December 31, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental crowns  

If your dentist has told you that you need a dental crown you may be wondering, “Why?” So, now seems like the perfect time for you to learn more about getting dental crowns from our Alexandria, VA, dentist Dr. Moutaz Abdeen and what they can do for your smile.

What is the purpose of dental crowns?
While there are many reasons why someone may benefit from a dental crown, the most common reason is that a crown can protect a tooth that is weak or damaged. While teeth are very durable, even enamel can become weak or damaged by decay or an injury. When this happens, a dental crown will be able to safeguard this tooth. Other reasons to get a dental crown include,

  • To cover a dental implant
  • To support a tooth that has severe decay
  • To cover a tooth with a large filling that can no longer fully support the tooth
  • To protect a cracked, weak or worn tooth
  • To reshape and malformed tooth
  • To improve the color of a severely discolored tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge in place over gaps in your smile

What is a crown made from?
These days, our Alexandria, VA, dental team knows how important it is to get crowns that look just like your natural teeth. This is why Dr. Abdeen only offers tooth-colored crowns and restorations made from ceramic or porcelain. Both of these materials are matched to the color of your teeth, so your crown is always the exact shade of your smile. Crowns are also custom made to fit over your tooth so we will need to take impressions of your smile beforehand.

How long do crowns last?
Did you know that you play a role in how long your dental restorations last? While crowns are incredibly durable, their longevity lies in how well you care for your new crown. With the proper oral care in place, it is possible for porcelain or ceramic crown to last anywhere from 7-15 years (or longer).

Our goal, as your Alexandria, VA, dentist, is to make sure that you get the beautiful dental crowns and restorations you need. From crowns to veneers, we offer it all here at Alexandria Smiles Dentistry. If you need a durable, natural dental crown to protect a damaged tooth, call us at (703) 671-0626 to schedule an immediate evaluation.