How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign clear aligner system gives you a chance to discreetly transform your smile in the most comfortable way possible using practically imperceptible removable plastic braces. The aligners are crafted from transparent material and are customized to adjust your teeth gradually. A consultation with your dentist in Alexandria, VA, Dr. Moutaz Abdeen of Alexandria Smiles Dentistry will determine your candidacy for the procedure. In the meantime, here’s a primer on how the treatment works.

Invisalign Treatment: Creating Your Treatment Plan

The first visit involves determining your treatment plan. Your teeth’s bite impressions will be evaluated and taken using 3D imaging technology. This technology also allows you to see digital representations of the proposed final results once you complete the Invisalign treatment.

3D imaging tech will likewise be utilized for transforming your teeth impressions into a customized series of Invisalign trays. Depending on the level of orthodontic correction you need, you will have to wear as few as 12 or as many as 48 aligners to achieve the results you want.

Invisalign Treatment: Getting Your Aligners

During this appointment, your dentist will give you your very first Invisalign aligners, including a set or two that you’ll also wear prior to your follow-up visit. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, Invisalign does not utilize brackets, wires, or other hard components.

Because the aligners are virtually unnoticeable, no one can really tell that you’re wearing them. They’re likewise flexible and specifically crafted to ensure a comfortable fit. Eating, brushing your pearly whites, and flossing is also very easy to do because the aligners are removable.

Invisalign Treatment: Getting The Most Out of Your Treatment

Generally speaking, you will need to use each aligner set for approximately two weeks and only remove them when doing your oral care practices and eating. You will likewise have to see your dentist in Alexandria, VA, every six weeks or so that he can check your progress. The average treatment time is 12 up to 18 months, considering that you follow all the instructions of your dentist.

Once you have your new smile, you might have to wear retainers while you sleep for about six months, more if your dentist sees fit, to help make certain that you preserve your results for as long as possible.

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