When a Root Canal Is Necessary

Root canals, one of the treatments offered by your Alexandria, VA, dentist, Dr. Moutaz Abdeen of Alexandria Smiles Dentistry, can help you avoid tooth loss. Root canal therapy may be needed if you experience any of these tooth issues:

Tooth trauma

Although your teeth are strong, they can be damaged if you fall and hit your mouth or experience a blow to your face. If the damage is severe, you might need a root canal to save your tooth.

Root canals in Alexandria, VA, protect your teeth by removing the pulp at the center of the damaged tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the interior of the tooth is cleaned. Your dentist also uses tiny files to shape the small root canals that extend the length of the tooth. Adding a rubber-based filling to the tooth seals and restores it.

Infection or inflammation in your pulp

When infection or inflammation reaches the soft pulp at the center of your tooth, you'll need a root canal. Inflammation or infection is more likely to occur if you have extensive tooth decay, a crack in a tooth, or have had multiple dental procedures on the same tooth.

Removing the pulp preserves your tooth while ending your pain. Pulp is made up of tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that were essential during the formation of your tooth. Luckily, once the tooth is fully formed, it can function normally even if the pulp is removed.

Signs and symptoms that may mean you need a root canal

Any of these signs and symptoms could occur if you need a root canal:

  • Tooth Pain: Pain can range from mild to severe and may worsen when you chew or eat hot, cold, or sugary foods and beverages.
  • Swollen Gums: The gum around your tooth may be red, tender, and swollen.
  • Change in Tooth Color: Problems deep inside your tooth may cause it to darken.
  • Facial Swelling: The lower half of your face may swell if you have an abscess, a bacterial infection inside your tooth pulp.
  • Fever: A fever may also be a sign of an abscess. Other signs can include swollen lymph nodes and pus or a bump on your gum.

End your pain with root canals performed at the Alexandria, VA, dental office. Call Dr. Moutaz Abdeen of Alexandria Smiles Dentistry at (703) 671-0626 to schedule your appointment.